Review: Hookah Portable

Hello everyone! I’m here with a review about Hookah Portable‘s customer service. I am not sponsored to make this post.
I just wanted to start out by saying do not order from here. It is absolutely terrible. I ordered the Rechargeable Hookah Pen Elite that was on their sale page. I used a coupon code I found online, so it dropped the price down to $30 with free shipping. I ordered it on December 25th. It is now January 21st, almost a month since I ordered. I still have yet to receive my order. When I emailed customer service, someone emailed me back asking for the name on the order. They also stated their number in case I needed to call them. I did not receive a response after responding back with the name on the order. I called the number provided about 4 times & got voicemail every single time. I called customer service number & no one picked up. I left a message about a week ago. I still have yet to receive a response back. I’m waiting for them to cancel my order so I can receive my money back. But nope, NO RESPONSE. Just a warning, do not purchase from here.

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