70 Questions to Ask a Beauty Blogger

I found this tag on Tumblr & I decided to have a go at it.

1. Lipstick, Gloss, Lip Stain, Balm, or Lip Liner? Lip liner! I like to wear it by itself for the matte finish, but sometimes I’ll add gloss on top for a shiny finish!
2. How do you make your Lipstick / Lip Gloss last longer? I use Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer as a base, then I’ll put on a lip liner, and then lipstick! If my lipstick is matte, I’ll put some powder on top. If it isn’t, I’ll blot & then put another layer of lipstick on.
3. How do you pick a Lip Color that looks good on my skin color? I usually test it out on my hand first. I’m not into bright colors, so a lot of my lipsticks are nudes.
4. What are some cheap ways to take care of chapped lips? DIY lip scrubs! I use my lip scrub maybe 2-3 times a week depending on how chapped my lips are. Then I’ll just leave a bunch of chapstick on my lips to moisturize.
5. Favorite drugstore lip product? I love NYX’s matte lipsticks & EOS’s lip balms.
6. Favorite brand name lip product? Sephora’s matte lip creams.
7. Do you usually play up or play down your lips? Play down. I’m not into bright lips on me.
8. Eyeliner in Pencil, Gel, or Liquid? Gel or liquid! I can’t stand pencil liner.
9. How do you do a cat eye? I start with the wing first, then I’ll connect the line and line my lids.
10. What do you use to remove eye makeup and mascara? I use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – Night Calming. It easily wipes away all of my waterproof mascara.
11. How do you make your eye makeup last longer? PRIMER!
12. Cream or Powder eye shadow? I like powder, but sometimes I’ll use cream as a base.
13. What tricks can you do to make your eyelashes look longer? Use an eyelash primer, or mascara with fibers in it. I usually use a lengthening mascara, then I’ll put on a couple coats of volumizing mascara afterwards.
14. How do you brighten up your eyes? Brightening undereye concealer!
15. What color(s) go with my eyes? I have brown eyes, so I usually use purple or green eyeliner on my lower lashline. If I’m wearing eyeshadow, I usually go with neutrals with a slight pop of purple.
16. Favorite drugstore eyeliner? e.l.f Essential Expert Liquid Liner works wonders!
17. Favorite drugstore eyeshadow? I don’t have one, I don’t have a lot of drugstore eyeshadows to be honest.
18. Favorite drugstore mascara? Any of the ones by Maybelline!
19. Favorite drugstore eye palette? I don’t have any drugstore palettes.
20. Favorite brand name eyeliner? Kat Von D. Tattoo Liner is a really good one.
21. Favorite brand name eyeshadow? Urban Decay or Sephora! They’re super pigmented.
22. Favorite brand name mascara? I don’t buy brand name mascaras.
23. Favorite brand name palette? Probably the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay. I love some of the Sephora palettes, but I don’t think they sell them in stores anymore & I don’t know the name of the ones I have. :c
25. If you can only use one eye makeup product, what would it be? Definitely eyeliner, no question abot it.
26. What is the difference between an eye primer and an eye base? A primer is to ensure that the eyeshadow stays on all day super vibrant and without any creases. An eye base is something like a cream eyeshadow. It’s an extra thing to help the colors pop even more.
27. Any tips on applying falsies? Try to stay as close to the lashline as possible! Tweezers help a lot.
28. Favorite brand of falsies? Sephora.
29. How do you pick your shade of foundation? I just play around with the shades on my hand/wrist area. I pick the one that matches close to my skin tone.
30. What’s a good foundation for oily skin? Any of the mattifying foundations.
31. What’s a good foundation for dry skin? I don’t think there’s any foundations good for dry skin. If your skin is dry, your foundation would look flaky.
32. What’s a good foundation for normal skin? Any!
33. How do you pick a foundation for your skin color? I feel like this is the same question as #29.
34. Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream, or Foundation? Foundation for the fall/winter time. BB cream for spring/summer, because I feel like foundation looks way too heavy when it’s hot out.
35. What is a BB Cream? From what I understand, it stands for “blemish balm cream”. The Korean or German brands are the best!
36. What do you use to apply your Foundation? A flat top brush.
37. How can I make my nose look slimmer or straighter? Contour!
38. Cream, Powder, or Liquid Blush? Powder.
39. Favorite foundation? Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation.
40. Favorite concealer? For my undereye concealer, I like to use Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller. For my blemishes, I like to use e.l.f Essential All Over Cover Stick.
41. How do you conceal a pimple? If it’s red, start with some green concealer to cancel out the redness! Then put your regular foundation + concealer on top of it.
42. How do you conceal dark circles? #40. c:
43. How do you get rid of or lessen dark circles? I just use concealer. And sleep! Make sure you get tons of sleep lol.
44. What is your daily skin care routine? In the morning, I just wash my face with a towel & put moisturizer on. At night, I remove my makeup, wash my face with a face wash, use an exfoliator after (I exfoliate 2-3 times a week), wipe my face down with a wet towel, then put toner & moisturizer on.
45. What is your weekly skin care routine? It’s the same as #44. c:
46. How do you prep your face for makeup? Moisturizer and then primer.
47. How do you take off your makeup? The wipes from question #10 & toner afterwards to take off any excess makeup I couldn’t get with the makeup wipes.
48. What are some DIY face masks? Honey & milk!
49. Where can you buy face masks? I buy mine from LUSH. c:
50. What facial moisturizer do you recommend? It really depends on your skin type.
51. How can I get rid of or shrink my big pores? Primer makes your pores almost invisible!
52. How do you highlight your face? I use a cream highlighter from e.l.f, or I use eyeshadow. I apply it with my fingers on my cheekbones.
53. How do you contour your face? With my F40 contour brush by Sigma. I use the lightest bronzers I can find because I’m super pale. I’m not trying to contour my face a lot, I just wanna put back some color.
54. How often should you clean your makeup brushes? Everyday! Bacteria builds up on there and you don’t wanna be putting that on your face.
55. How do you clean your makeup brushes? Shampoo & conditioner. I treat the brushes like they’re my own hair. If I’m just cleaning an eye brush to use with another color eyeshadow, I just spray a little brush cleaner from Sephora on it.
56. What are some inexpensive makeup brushes? e.l.f!
57. Do you prefer matte or shimmer eyeshadows? Matte.
58. Do you prefer matte or dewey skin? Dewey.
59. Do you prefer matte or shiny lipstick / lipgloss? Matte.
60. When did you start wearing makeup? I wanna say when I was 13.
61. Who taught you to put on makeup? Youtube.
62. What if your favorite brand of makeup? I don’t have a favorite brand. It’s really hard to say because so many brands make awesome products.
63. What product do you never leave home without? Chapstick, lipstick, powder.
64. If you only had $50 dollars for makeup, what would you buy? All the NYX matte lipsticks lol.
65. Who is your favorite beauty guru on youtube? MakeupByLeinaBaaaby.
66. How long do you take to get ready in the morning? Around 30 minutes.
67. What online makeup store is your favorite? Sephora or e.l.f. I’ve never had a problem with either sites.
68. Who are your favorite beauty blogs on tumblr? I’d have to say my own, haha! Shameless plug: Makeup Addiction.
69. How long should you keep a product? Never for more than over a year. A lot of makeup goes bad!
70. What product are you hoping to buy next? Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Liquid Lipstick! I adore their matte colors.

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