New Kicks: Timberland’s

I’ve wanted a pair of Timberland’s for a long time now. About 5 months ago, King Ratchet bought me a pair! I got it in a men’s shoe size. I’m a US size 6 in women’s, so that makes me a US size 4 in men’s. I am in love with these already! I wanted a pair because I thought it’d be nice to wear these instead of the usual UGGs or combat boots that everyone is wearing these days. They’re actually really comfortable, which I wasn’t really expecting. I’ve been wearing them with almost everything: leggings, shorts, skater skirts. I might even post a couple of outfit pictures featuring them in a later blog post!
I got them at the Robert Wayne Footwear store in my local outlet mall. They were around $105 USD, not including tax. Kid sizes are always cheaper than adult sizes! ;)
They are getting a little dirty around the edges. Where the rubber sole is, I can just clean it with a cloth and water. On top of the shoe, where it’s made from cowhide leather, I wipe/dab with a damp cloth. The Robert Wayne Footwear salesman was trying to sell me a “skid eraser” that can erase marks from shoes, but why buy something that can clean shoes when you can use household items? :P
I’m planning on going back so I can get the all black pair!

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