I don’t really know how to start this post. I guess I went on a little (huge, actually) hiatus from the blogging world. There wasn’t much going on in my life that was really exciting to blog about. I was so busy with school and work, there just wasn’t time for me to fit little things like blogging into my life. I did miss it though. I would occasionally type in my URL every time I was on my laptop doing a school assignment, or I’d log in to approve comments.

A lot has happened to me though. King Ratchet & I broke up. We were together for 5 years. It just wasn’t working out anymore. We were both very different. I was glad that I got to experience a lot with him, but I’m also happy that we aren’t in each other’s way anymore… If that makes sense.
I have a new boyfriend now. I call him Big Booty Bae, or Triple B for short. I never really like revealing names to people online, so he’ll be known as Triple B from now on! He’s amazing. He plays baseball, and he actually got scouted to a pro team. He treats me really well & we see each other everyday. I miss him a lot every time we both have to go home lol. I met him at work, actually.
Which reminds me! I got a new job! I quit Wet Seal because they weren’t giving me enough hours and they pay the most minimum of minimum wage. And that wasn’t cutting it since I’m a broke college student. My new job is at Uniqlo. It’s a Japanese casual-wear retail store. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s starting to get really big on the west coast. They have over a thousand stores open overseas though. Anyways, I’m really happy with this job. The hours used to be great before store opening because I would get a lot of 8 hour shifts plus overtime. But now that the store has opened, I don’t work that much. Mostly because of my availability with school.

I guess that’s it. Nothing big besides these two events have happened since I last blogged. I really hope I get time to blog more because I miss all my blogging friends! Tweeting them isn’t the same as reading about their lives. :P

Until next time,

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